Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who should become our member?

A. Become our member if you trade only with intra-day view in CASH AND F&O.

What kind of calls do you give?

A. Our calls are based on daily technical charts, We do not give calls, based on long term, our calls are given with short term view i.e. the targets are achieved on the same day. SOME TIMES WE ALSO GIVES BTST(BUY TODAY SELL TOMMORROW AND STBT(SELL TODAY BUY TOMORROW) CALLS, IN LAST HALF HOUR OF MARKET,PROVIDED AVAILABLITY OF OPPORTUNITY ON NEXT TRADING DAY.

Is there any FREE trial offer?


What type of Daily SMS Tips will I receive?

A. Such Tips are for Intraday trading only.

How will I receive Daily Tips?

A. Messages will be sent through SMS, on the Mobile number you have given in your Registration Profile.

What will be the message in your SMS Tips?

A. SMS will be the BUY/SELL, Script Name, Current Market Price(CMP), Stop Loss(S/L) & Target (TGT)are sent for example: BUY SATYAM @ 380, S/L 375, TGT 395.

Do you suggest when to book Profits Or Exit?

A. Profits should be booked as per your judgment, Though Targets are given, you should exit as per your judgment. However, Stop Loss has to be strictly followed.

How many SMS TIPS will I receive?

A. Total Number of SMS Tips Will be vary from 2-5 on any given day depending on Opportunities available.

What are the Subscription Charges to this Plan?

A. Visit our site for the details of subscription.

What are the various modes of payment?

You can pay by cash or send us a Cheque / DD. Register first to proceed with any of these options.

How can I pay from my town?

Paying in your town is a simple process. Click here and find out our Bank accounts and deposit the amount in our account in any of our bank and SMS/ E-mail to us the details to activate your SMS services.

When will my account get activated?

A. It will be activated as soon as your payment is realized /credited to our account.

Can I courier the cash to you?

A. No, You can deposit the same in any branch of our bank account in your town.

Will there be any F&O tips OR will there be investment calls?

A. All calls are based on cash market rates, and these calls are applicable for Future also, but you have to see the premium/discount to our call rate and accordingly your CMP, S/L AND TGT will be change accordingly. We do not give investment calls in our SMS service.

Can I get any other information on SMS, other than trading calls?

A. YES, any special events related to market trend are sent by SMS.

How Do We get Username & Password?

A. Username and Password are being filled by you while filling the registration form. The username and Password will be sent to you by E-mail or by SMS by us after confirmation Of receipt of payments.

Can we ask any TIPS on Phone?

A. We do not entertain any phone calls during market hours. Any Emergency Calls or Exit Calls will be given to you via SMS during market hours.

Do You have branches in any other city?

A. No, We do not have any branches in any other city than Aurangabad.

E Mail:info@dailysmstips.com

Our Banks:

Draw Cheque in the Name of "DILIP K. LUNAWAT", and deposit in Any Branch of Following Banks.

Bank Name Account No. IFSC CODE
U T I (AXIS) BANK 318010100003612 UTIB0000318
I C I C I BANK 004401512589 ICIC0000044
STATE BANK OF INDIA 20004035815 SBIN0004102
UNION BANK OF INDIA 493802010081224 UBIN0549380

E Mail:dilip@dailysmstips.com

Please Note:


Disclaimer clause:

disclaimerDaily SMS tips are based of technical analysis and top and bottom breakouts from charts, available statistics on any given point of time. Any action exercised is at your own risk and is totally your own responsibility. Keeping in mind the volatility and uncertainty of the market, you are advised to take your own discretion and judgment. We shall not be responsible for failure of internet /SMS connectivity. The team of dailysmstips.com will not be held legally or otherwise responsible for any losses or damages, direct or indirect, arising out of our tips. You have been warned!